Pravin Shekar from KREA

In conversation with Pravin Shekar about his entrepreneurial journey with KREA. Pravin is a multi-faceted person – A speaker, motivator, photographer, author and a fantastic human being.


KREA is a “SMALL DATA” Specialist!
Krea provides answers to all your business queries! The common thread across all the business entities at Krea is DATA; and a quest to find answers/solutions for you. Krea is a specialist in asking the right questions to the right audience, especially the hard to reach segments.

“Right now, 55% of Krea’s employees are people with disabilities. That was the policy we took in 2010 as part of CSR initiative.”
– Pravin Shekar of KREA

Seshu Karthick

Founder & CEO at Dimensions Co.
A graduate of University of Texas at Dallas with M.S in Computer Science, and an Alumni of Stanford GSB Ignite. Currently, Seshu is heading the operations at DIMENSIONS CO. Running a startup is challenging, invigorating, punishing and rewarding all at once.

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Pravin Shekar from KREA

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