Ashwin Shankar from AtWorks

I had a chat with Ashwin Shankar, Managing Director at AtWorks on his Startup Experiences. I enjoyed the conversation about the learnings he had from his entrepreneurial journey, and truly appreciate his community oriented approach at AtWorks.


Ashwin was once introduced by a good friend as “the biggest source of useless information you can meet, but one who amazingly finds a way to put that knowledge to productive use”. He prefers to think of himself as a curiosity-powered individual, and a work-in-progress polymath. Over the course of the past 15 years, starting out as a naive, young startup co-founder in the US while in college for his undergrad (way before Mark Zuckerberg made it cool to do this) but not dropping out (good TamBram boy that he is), and across several countries and several ventures across multiple domains including IoT, Cloud Security Services, Technology Development and Services, Consulting, Media Production (to name a few), asking a zillion dumb questions along the way, he can now say “Yeah, I’m getting better at this polymath thing”.

Today, Ashwin is co-founder and CEO of @works. The @works project is focused on delivering solutions that make our entrepreneur ecosystems more effective. Through the platform, @works connects its members to a variety of services (workspaces, mentorship & incubation, service connects, events, etc.) that address their immediate, mid and long-term needs, that together offers members a higher quantum of success. Started in mid 2014, @works currently operates 7 co-working facilities in Chennai (with other cities in India planned very soon), supporting over 250 members belonging to around 50 teams, from individuals to large funded startups, from services companies, to volunteer communities, to influencers like accelerators, incubators, etc.

Apart from his work at @works, he’s a hardcore football fanatic (die-hard Liverpool fan), an avid reader, podcast listener (especially economics themed and humour-driven trivia shows), Netflix/Hotstar addict, DIY-enthusiast, somewhat social animal, who also spends time tinkering with ideas and also mentoring local startups and entrepreneurs.

Wishing to see AtWorks across several cities soon… Best wishes to Ashwin and team.

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Ashwin Shankar from AtWorks

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