Inspiring Stories by Startup Founders
The Book in the making
Year 2017

Nominate a Startup Founder

You may nominate Startup Founders of your choice, and we will reach out to them and learn about their Entrepreneurial journey. Some of the interviews will be part of my up-coming book in early 2017.

Media Startups

Digital, Film, Press, Radio, and more!

Tech Startups

Cloud, Mobile, AI, VR, AR, you name it…

Non-Tech Startups

Retail, Hospitality, Education, Trading, and more!


THAT STARTUP STORY is a project of OPEN MEDIA HOUSE. This initiative will bring to light the startup culture, and lifestyle of entrepreneurs to the common man, and serve as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

The objective is to deliver the spirit of Indian Startups in multiple channels – Book, Web, Short-film and Video series. Finally, a feature film titled “THAT STARTUP STORY” will be launched world-wide over the internet. We’ve associated with brands like Startup360 magazine,, PERSONA, Sociall and few others for this project.

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